Academic Fees

الرسوم الدراسة   – Academic Fees

2016-2017 2017-2018
KG1 AED 13,000 AED 15,000
KG2 AED 13,500 AED 15,000
GR1 AED 14,000 AED 17,000
GR2 AED 14,500 AED 17,000
GR3 AED 15,000 AED 17,000
Gr4 AED 17,000 AED 17,000
GR5 AED 17,500 AED 17,500
GR6 AED 18,000 AED 18,000
GR7 AED 20,000 AED 20,000
Gr8 AED 20,500 AED 20,500
GR9 AED 21,000 AED 21,000
GR10 n/a AED 23,000
GR11 n/a TBA
GR12 n/a n/a


 Current students can pay their fees using the Parent Portal


Please note that after school curricular including clubs and teams is provided at no cost.

These include:










Registration and Admission

Please contact the Registrar for further information on registration and admission.


Phone: 09 204 3010




Our Activities

  • Diyar School hosts Welcome Back activity for returning students and joining of new teachers

    In the first day of school, students and new teachers in Diyar school Fujairah celebrated the new school year 2017-2018.the celebration capped by decorating the classes and welcoming KG1 & KG2 students with various activities and gifts. During the activity, a number of UAE traditional dishes served and introduced to the new joined teachers along with the presentations about the UAE.

    Download : Part 1 | Part 2

  • Finish the year strong, Diyar Dibba

    The 2016-17 school year will come to a close in two weeks. This year has truly been an amazing journey for Diyar Dibba. Diyar Dibba has accomplished so many accolades this year and let’s not forget how much Diyar Dibba has impacted others as well.

    The thought of the school year ending also brings many thoughts about final exams. Final exams are a huge part of the final grade average a student will get. Let us not forget final exams count as a percentage of one’s grade.

    We want to encourage every student to take the final exams seriously and put in time and dedication to achieve great final exam scores.

  • 2017 Graduation week

    Diyar Dibba celebrated our 2017 graduates from Grade 6 moving to High School this week with a surprise ceremony during our year-end assembly, a memory they would never forget the cheer of the entire school welcoming them into the gym and some encouraging words from our principal Mrs. Kathy. 
    Following our year-end assembly, our  KG2 graduates were next in line to receive recognition in completing their Journey in KG and moving to primary school, with a memorable graduation ceremony prepared by the KG team.We know your child will be excited about the next step in their journey of learning.
  • 2017 2nd Diyar Public Speaking Competition

    Diyar Dibba’s annual public speaking event the grand finale, our most exciting celebration on Public speaking where it was so difficult to select the final competitors for top speakers per grade.
    All the participants have shown exceptional skill in public speaking, constantly keeping the spectators entertained from laughing to crying it was amazing.  

    We want to thank you all for your dedication to your student’s success.

    Your student support and encouragement with the Public Speaking initiative these past few weeks has resulted in student achievement beyond expectations!  What we witnessed this year with the Diyar students was absolutely fantastic.
    We thank Mr. Moathen and FNG for their support and encouragement of this initiative.


  • 2017 International Day

    Experiencing cross-curricular project based learning in action, on Monday the 20th of March 2017 “Celebrating International Day” in the classrooms, was a huge success.

    Where we Travel the world right here at Diyar Dibba, learned about unique traditions and famous people.

    Where our students dressed up in traditional uniform as their assigned countries, with many surprises that kept everyone entertained for hours.

  • 2017 Science Fair Diyar Dibba International

    Yes, a truly international event, with students creating and discovering things from all parts of the world we saw monuments recreated from the far east to the far north, we saw advances in environmental technology in action, it was an inspiring event that was really showcasing our learner’s creativity and scientific inquiry in the classroom. Using International Day as a term theme and the environmental engineering as a focal point within that was really what pinned down what was done.

    We thank all the staff and students for their hard work to make this event such a huge success.

  • Junior Entrepreneurs Day 2017

    Our Annual Junior Entrepreneur Festival 2017 turnout was undoubtedly the best ever. With the mini Jr Entrepreneur festival that started from 7:30 am, kicking off with our KG 1 and 2’s displaying lots of creativity. Later in the morning, grade 1 – 2 set up and to our surprise another an even greater turnout with reported above average sales.

    As the weather turned out to be a perfect day here in Dibba, both our business students and the student council members stayed behind completing the finishing touches to the main event.
    So it begins, our Junior entrepreneur festival was officially opened with a welcome speech from our Student council representative and our guest Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Al Yammahi a senior member of the National Federal Council.
    The success of this event was overwhelming with reports of sales being way above estimated profit margins said Salem a business student in grade 9.

    Finishing off the night we distributed more than 35 prizes to our winners in various categories. We thank all our sponsors

    Tortillas, ShameenaRaddison BluNovotel, Ahwak & What a Burger for the wonderful support of our event.
    Finally a special thank you for the outstanding efforts of our Head of Humanities Ms. Momina who coordinated the entire event.

  • Diyar’s Concert Shines

    Diyar Dibba celebrated the “Peace and Happiness concert” recently at the Dibba Theatre.

    The concert of 600 students directed by our performing arts teacher Ms. Nerea was a success.

    Each performance was done exceptionally well. We congratulate all on another successful event at Diyar.


    Now the show must go on, we invite you to another special day at our annual, Junior Entrepreneurship event this Thursday 26 January 2017.

  • 45th National Day week celebrations

    It is our favorite time of the year again, its National day the 2nd December 2016, this year we celebrate 45 years of the UAE, we all love to be a part of this Union and come and see how we celebrated our nationalism on our photo gallery.

  • Math Olympiad 2016

    After weeks of practice and knockout rounds, we had reached our final stages of the annual math olympiad for 2016. It was a memorable event, as students from various classes and teams took part in the finals with tie breakers in various stages, we had tears and laughter as we crowned our champions. Do not forget to check out our photo gallery.

  • Flag Day celebrations

    Here at Diyar Dibba students have the opportunity to sing the national anthem and salute the UAE flag every day in our morning assemblies this is a way of celebrating national pride and the achievements of the country. November 3rd is Flag day, where we collectively as a school and country celebrate and honor the United Arab Emirates Flag and its past, present and future achievements.

  • يوما التربية الإسلامية

    تحت شعار – الكلمة الطيبة مفتاح القلوب


        الهدف من هذا الشعار :غرس قيمة الكلمة الطيبة في نفوس سامعيها  وضرب أمثلة لبعض الكلمات الطيبة التي يجب على المسلم التمسك بها وعدم

    .استبدالها  بكلمات  غير لائقة 

    :خطوات تنفيذ المشروع وفقراته


    وضع لافتات للمشروع – الإذاعة المدرسية للطلاب والطالبات واحتوت على (القرآن الكريم ومشهد تجريبي وسفراء الكلمة الطيبة – الأنشودة )وتم توزيع مطويات  وملصقات على المعلمات ومن ثم توزيع بعض الهدايا من قبل الطلاب على عاملات النظافة وسائقي  الحافلات  كنوع من الاعتراف بفضلهم.


    وختاما نشكر كل من ساهم في إنجاز المشروع وأنشطة يومي التربية الإسلامية وأخص بالشكر أولياء الأمور وتفاعلهم لإدخال البهجة للقلوب و جميع معلمي ومعلمات التربية الإسلامية وكل من ساعدنا من معلمي المدرسة.


                      سائلين المولى – عز وجل – أن يجعلها لوجهه الكريم  والله الموفق

  • Record Breaking Times for School Evacuation

    Diyar International Private School Dibba strives to create a  Great Generation and Prominent Culture through each and every activity. The school evacuation with a record time of 2 minutes 34 seconds!! for 1383 people, was a testimony to all our hard work, dedication.

    What did our learners learn you may ask? Yes, it was just a practice of our evacuation plan but more than that, they have learned organizational skills, cooperation, and patience all of which are encouraged inside and outside our classrooms.

    “Never have I witnessed such an outstanding exiting and returning of a school population” said principal Hutton, who has been in various schools for over 30 years from across the North Atlantic Ocean up in Canada and here in the UAE too.
    The evacuation procedures were followed very well by all learners, with KG the first to be outside at the assembly point.
    Thank you to ms Reham our School Health and Safety leader and all the staff for their excellence!!
  • Grade 1 receives their laptops!

    Grade 1 students were so happy when they received their laptops, each class was welcomed to the principal’s office and explored their new laptops with a short tutorial on the basics.
    The air was filled with excitement with all the learners cheering and chanting
    “What are we gonna do when we get home? CHARGE IT, CHARGE IT
    What are we gonna do when we get home? CHARGE IT, CHARGE IT”

  • Happy Teacher day

    “Terrific, enthusiastic, amazing, intelligent, dedicated, hardworking, smart, remarkable! This is what describes our Teachers at Diyar International Private School Dibba. Good Morning my fantastic principal Mrs. Kathy and my respected teachers. Today my friends and I want to acknowledge and say thank you for all that you do.

    To all our teachers….we want to say to you…
    Thank you for guiding us
    Thank you for supporting us
    Thank you for teaching us
    Thank you today and every day ….we appreciate you.

    We may not remember everything you said, but we will always remember the way you made us feel, an excerpt from a collective speech by (Grade 9 Boys).

    Is that just not beautiful? On this day our students acknowledged the teachers for what they do, they came with gifts and  emotional words. Our learners took over lessons from teachers, the atmosphere was amazing we had learners coming during the breaks delivering flowers, chocolates, and gifts.

  • Parent Communication at Diyar

    The “Parent information session on the 21st September” was such a success. Our principal, Mrs. Kathy introduced her leadership team and provided an overview of activities at the school. We secretly launched our School Communicator App, and we had a surprise visit from our managing director Mr. Al Moathen. If you missed it, don’t worry because this Wednesday 28th Sept from 4-6pm we are hosting our 2nd annual meet the teacher Open House.

    Improved Parent school Communication is our goal and every last Wednesday of each month from 12:30-1:30 pm you will have an opportunity to meet the leadership team and be informed about What’s Happening at Diyar Dibba. In addition, we have scheduled weekly times for you to meet your child’s teacher if needed.  So stay tuned and informed with our brand new School Communicator app just for you.

  • Clubs are back!

    After weeks of planning and organizing I must say, Wow, what another successful win/week for us here at Diyar International Private School Dibba.

    Thursday’s club day caused such a stir, students were so excited for the following week of school, parents and teachers alike have seen how students showed increased interest in reading, developed new skills, showed improved school attendance and increased engagement. These were some of the things I have heard! What about you? What have you heard?

    If you have not heard anything yet, download our School Communicator app here.



  • Up, up and away!

    On our Digital Journey at Diyar International Private School – Dibba we are glad to inform you that we have been busy…. here are some updates..

    School Communicator our is latest collaboration and would like all to participate by sharing this information (even though we are rolling out formally in the coming weeks). We have many places to get them installed and here are some for you: The desktop, iOS device and android device, don’t forget to select Diyar International Private School Dibba.

    Diyar Library is now Live! What! Yes you can now search our library, apply for book loans, get e-books and much more with our new Online Library services. Remember to trust our link.

    The “Parent Portal“, a place where you can access your school account in a secure area and even pay your fees online (Shhh we currently working on it and getting there soon!). In the meantime please register and have a look its a great way to manage your account with us.

    Pearson Realize is now our new home for Math and Science and we are sure that our learners are going to enjoy it.  (They need to use their student email to sign in and their password given in class, I think it is…       sorry I cannot say it’s personal)

    Remember to always keep your passwords safe.

  • Celebrating Eid Al Adha

    Another beautiful day full of celebration, starting off with the sounds of “Labayk” echoed throughout the hallways. With a special morning assembly presented by the High School learners explaining to all, the pilgrimage to Mecca and the things we can do, right now to benefit from this special occasion. In the KG section we had a wonderful display and actual mock up of the entire Haj Journey including Arafat, Mina, Mount Safa and Mount Marwa.
    Diyar International Private School would like to take this opportunity to wish all a blessed Eid Mubarak and thank all of you who has made our celebrations memorable.

  • Public Speaking Competition

    This past week six hundred and twenty five students from grades 1 through 9 competed in Diyar International Private School Dibba’s First Public Speaking Competition.Developing communication skills, self-confidence, and mastery of the English language are just a few of the goals of this now annual event.
    Each student prepared and presented their speech in class to their classmates, teachers had a very difficult time choosing the top three from each class to speak in the finals this past Wednesday May 17 and Thursday May 18.
    Other literacy initiatives this year at Diyar Dibba included “Celebrating Young Authors”, where each student wrote a book and read it to their fellow students on Author Day, “Reading Buddies” which is a weekly practice of older students reading to younger ones and “Power Writing”.

  • Celebrating Young Authors

    In order to improve our student’s reading and writing and motivate all students to enjoy the process of writing we will Celebrate Young Authors this February. Each student from grades Kg2-9 will write a book on various themes and topics depending on their grade. All books will include a title, author, dedication page, illustrator, story and Note About the Author.
    Students will have opportunities to read each other’s books throughout the remainder of the year.

  • Diyar Goes Disney

    On Wednesday December 9th, join us for a primary concert of Disney favorites. All students from grades 1/2/3 will perform well known Disney songs on stage. Students will improve their English and demonstrate their understanding of the lyrics through actions and singing.

  • Junior Entrepreneur Festival

    On January 28, 2016 Diyar International Private School will once again be hosting its annual Junior Entrepreneur Festival. This event gives our students the opportunity to develop a competitive spirit and enhance their originality and imagination in the world of commerce and trade. The objectives of the Junior Entrepreneur Festival are as follows:

    – Give our students a chance to design their own profit-generating activity.
    – Develop their confidence as they deal with customers when they sell their products/services – in other words, help students become skilled negotiators.
    – Understand the value of making sound investments.
    – Incorporate the idea that big business ventures can start from something small.

  • Science Fair

    Diyar International Private School in Dibba’s annual Science Fair is an exhibition of our young scientist’s innovative ideas and experiments. It gives the students an opportunity to demonstrate their scientific skills and knowledge to the public. Come to learn and explore with us the wonderful world of science at our annual Science Fair.

  • Book Fair

    Diyar International Private School Dibba’s annual Book Fair is a wonderful opportunity for students to indulge their love of reading! Sponsored by Early Starters Book Shop, the Book Fair offers an array of titles by a variety of publishers for students in KG through to Gr. 10. Held in March, the students are able to visit the book fair and browse through the books on offer, and purchase books that they will enjoy reading.

  • Public Speaking Contest

    In order to build student self-confidence and promote speaking and listening, students at Diyar Dibba will participate in a public speaking contest on May 16th 2016. Prior to the event, all students from grades 1-9 will engage in public speaking activities in their classes. The top three students from each grade will compete in their category.

  • Math Olympiad

    An annual competition of many years, the Math Olympiad showcases the amazing mathematical skills our students have acquired and practiced in their math classes. This event provides an opportunity for students to excel academically and socially as they compete with their team against fellow students.

    This event is planned and organized by an enthusiastic and highly skilled team of Diyar math teachers. Teachers of other subjects also participate and provide their own expertise in making the Math Olympiad a success.

  • UAE National day

    The celebration of UAE National Day on the 2nd of December is a highly cherished and anticipated event at Diyar School/Dibba. For two days, students and staff celebrate National Day by participating in traditional cultural events including dress, foods, and activities.

  • Kg Graduation

    It’s a mega Annual event held every year in the month of May. Each year it’s held based on different themes. All KG-2 students get a chance to perform in English and in Arabic based on the perspective theme. This is an opportunity for every student to perform in this early age which is very motivating for them. At the end of the program the Sheikh owner of Diyar School hands out the certificates to all students.

  • Arabic Day

    Diyar international private school promotes the importance of the Arabic Language among students as it is the language of the holy Quraan. It is with our highly trained staff, Arabic curriculum, activities, and performances that our language is strengthened and our culture prominent.

  • Islamic education day

    Every year our school holds “Islamic Education Day”. We celebrate Islamic education to promote voluntary work which highlights the importance of charity in the Muslim life. It also contributes in spreading happiness and joy among the students.

    The students and teachers in our school encourage voluntary works in various areas such as keeping the school clean, the environment green, and reading to students. Through curriculum, volunteer projects, and our focus on joy we keep our Islamic culture prominent.

  • Spelling Bee

    Danube Spelling Bee Championship UAE 2015-2016 – (November 18th 2015)
    A great international, educational tradition…. now in Dibba!

    Diyar International Private School Dibba is proud to announce that 14 students will participate in the Danube Spelling Bee competition which kicks off on November 18th, 2105 at Diyar School in Dibba. All the best to these 14 Diyar Dibba Bees!