The Clinic

The health clinic is equipped to deal with all minor and initial emergency concerns that arise at school. Health screening resources are available to monitor students’ growth and development.

3 Computer Laboratories

The computer lab is equipped with a 30 stations each ICT suite with desktop computers for students to use during school. Students have access to the best equipment and latest technology to enhance and support their learning. A reliable WiFi connection is available throughout the school. Students in grades 1-11 have student laptops for in class instruction for each subject.


The school is committed to upgrading the educational process and instilling a love of reading and research in the hearts and minds of our students. There are collections of books in digital and audio in English and Arabic. The library features reading corners, quiet study areas, and modern ICT facilities.

3 Science Lab

For science to be taught properly and effectively, labs must be an integral part of the science curriculum. The school is equipped with three science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) for students to have opportunities to design investigations, engage in scientific reasoning, manipulate equipment, record data, analyze results, and discuss their findings.

Playground, Football Field and Recreation Areas

The school campus provides shaded and attractive activity areas for the students to relax, socialize, play and eat. The school has several shaped outdoor play and recreation areas designed for different age groups.

Swimming Pools

“Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding” – Prophet Mohammad; Peace be upon Him.

Swimming is an important part of the curriculum throughout Diyar School and our indoor and temperature controlled swimming pool, complete with changing facilities, showers, and bathrooms are used extensively for students in Kindergarten 1 – Grade 2, Grade 3 – Grade 11 large pool.


Our state of the art multi-purpose theater offers all that could be expected of a modern theater. The sophisticated sound and lighting can be operated to facilitate high quality dramatic productions and form an excellent foundation and teaching base for drama and theater studies.