The student’s timings became better, and the student’s ratings became more equitable. The school is using technology to communicate with us through classdojo and edupage, where we can follow through our children’s daily news and results, which enhances communication between us and helps us to improve the level of our children. I wish the school success and further progress.

– Mohammed Alnisr

My name is Shaikha Khamies, I have kids studying in Diyar. What I don’t like about the school is the weekly CFUs and the grading system. The grading system has changed a lot, so kids are getting low marks. Also, during the tests, there were no more revision packs being sent to the students, although they are posting the previous CFUs in Class Dojo, it is also better to send revision packs to students, since we are paying high with the tuition fee.

– Shaika Khamis


My name is Shouq Al Kind of grade 9-A. I do like the school because of my friends and some teachers, but there are some things that I don’t like in Diyar, particularly the rules and the food in the cafeteria. The food in the cafeteria are all the same everyday, no variations of the food. What I don’t like about the rules is that they give us lessons in Islamic only twice a week. I also don’t like the CFU every week.

– Shouq Al Kinda