Admission Fees

رسوم الدراسة للعام الدراسي القادم  – Admission Fees For Year


2016-2017 2017-2018
KG1 AED 13,000 AED 15,000
KG2 AED 13,500 AED 15,000
GR1 AED 14,000 AED 17,000
GR2 AED 14,500 AED 17,000
GR3 AED 15,000 AED 17,000
Gr4 AED 17,000 AED 17,000
GR5 AED 17,500 AED 17,500
GR6 AED 18,000 AED 18,000
GR7 AED 20,000 AED 20,000
Gr8 AED 20,500 AED 20,500
GR9 AED 21,000 AED 21,000
GR10 n/a AED 23,000


Please contact the Registration Department for tuition and transportation fees.

Amjad Odeh

Phone: 09 203 2504


Our Activities

  • Diyar Academic Fair

    Diyar International Private School’s annual Academic Fair is an exhibition for our young inventors and scholars to demonstrate their innovative ideas and experiments. The fair included robotics, scientific experiments and book section.

  • American Consul Visit

    On the 12th of April 2017, we opened our doors welcoming the American consul for a visit to Diyar International Private School – Fujairah. The consul took a tour around the school with the Principle and H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Sharqi. He also got introduced to Fujairah Diyar school’s curriculum, achievements, activities, facilities, and staff members. The visit was concluded with traditional Emirati meal that was enjoyed by the visitors and school employees.

  • Junior Entrepreneur Festival

    The Junior Entrepreneur Festival at DIPS Fujairah showcases several innovative projects of young emerging entrepreneurs. The event was attended by many visitors from parents and students. H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Sharqi also attended the festival on the second day and took a tour around the school to see Diyar School’s young entrepreneurs.

  • Diyar Sparklers

    KG 2 students participated in Diyar Sparklers competition. Each student was given the mice to introduce themselves and talk about their lives from different aspects as well as their ambitions. this competition is an opportunity to discover talented kids with high self-esteem and creative abilities. Parents attended the event and the winners were rewarded.

  • Honoring outstanding students

    when students are given positive feedback and are rewarded for a job well done, it’s only natural for them to continue to work hard and do their very best. Islamic teacher rewarded her students for their outsanding academic progress, parents also attended the event and got certificates for their efforts in supporting their children’s development and good behaviour.

  • Character Day

    Character Day is annually celebrated by Diyar school students from all sections. This day is devoted to developing student’s identity and who they want to be in the future. This is also an opportunity for students to show off their favorite characters from the books they have read or movies they have watched.

  • Book Fair

    Fujairah Diyar school annual book fair is launched every year in the school. Students from Diyar school and other schools attended the book fair and bought different types of books that are both educational and entertaining. The book fair is not intended for selling books only, this fair is a chance for students to choose their own books and read them to expand their knowledge and enhance their reading skills.

  • National Day

    Fujairah Diyar School Celebrated the UAE national Day with different activities and plays performed by students. The event started by honoring our heroes who sacrificed their lives for the UAE, and later on national day celebrations started. Students wore traditional clothes and performed in activities that showed their love and gratitude for the UAE.

  • Sports Day

    Students participated in different activities and fun sports, celebrating this day is a way of educating kids about the importance of sport and it’s health benefits. Parents were invited to support their kids.

  • UNESCO members visit Diyar School

    UNESCO center members visited Diyar International Private school – Fujairah. Claudia and Thurraya are the two instructors from UNESCO Center who gave a lecture on the awareness of constant development for admin employees and students.


  • Flag Day

    Fujairah Diyar school celebrate Flag day with love and pride every year, students and teachers gather in the front yard of the school and rose up with excitement and gratitude for this Country while holding up the UAE flag. The event was also attended by H.H Sheik Sultan Bin Saleh Al Sharqi and other guests.


  • Teachers Day

    On Teachers day, the morning session started with a beautiful opening celebrating this day. Teachers and students expressed their love to their teachers by reading poems, giving out gifts and a thanking speech to all teachers for their efforts throughout this semester and previous years.

  • Nutrition Day

    Diyar school – Fujairah branch celebrate Nutrition day with students who came with healthy foods and wore food customs. Each section started their morning with an introduction about nutrition day. After 9 o’clock, the section hallway was filled with tables with healthy foods on them.

  • Reading Project

    Diyar school students have participated in the “Reading Project” which was conducted by Fujairah Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The event was hosted in Fujairah Mall, students had fun while learning and reading. After the event, they went home with new books and big smiles. The reading project was carried with so many fun activities to attract kids to learn and read in a fun way.

  • Eid Al Adha celebration

    Fujairah Diyar School Students celebrating Eid Al Adha which is a holy occasion to all Muslims all over the world. They came in with their Eid clothes and learned so many things about this day, Eid Al Adha isn’t only about gifts and new clothes, this day carries so many values and lessons, and this generation needs to be educated about them.

  • Labour Day

    Labour Day celebrations are an expression of appreciation for the effort that workers put in and their contribution to the development of the UAE.  Students recognized workers with small tokens of gratitude.

  • Diyar’s Got Talent

    Diyar’s Got Talent highlighted learning English literacy through music while showcasing the students’ unique talents.

  • Spelling Bee

    The Spelling Bee showcases the amazing Spelling skills our students have acquired and practiced in their English classes. This event provides an opportunity for the students to excel academically and socially as they compete with their fellow students.

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day was celebrated on 28 April in collaboration with Ibis Hotel.  The students represented by showcasing classroom environmental education with recycled projects, and highlighted their efforts to “green” the school facility.

  • Civil Defense Lecture

    The Civil Defense Lecture was to educate students about how to perform an evacuation of the building in case of an emergency.

  • Heritage Day

    DIPS students organized an annual event to highlight the pride for the culture and educate the staff and students.  Heritage Day celebrates Emirati culture and diversity of beliefs, achievements and traditions.

  • Circus

    A group of travelling performers including acrobats and animal trainers provided educational entertainment for students.

  • Welcome to school

    At the beginning of the school year, students arrive with a mix of emotions. Therefore, teachers and staff ensure a safe, welcoming and fun first day for all students.

  • KG Graduation

    KG Graduation is one of our biggest academic ceremonies held annually. The purpose of this event is to highlight their academic accomplishments and skills learnt in kindergarten.