News and Press Releases

Donations For Elderly

Sawaeid Diyar Group have launched a donation campaign this week for elderly people and the group is open to receive donations from Monday 20/February/2017 until Wednesday 13/March/2017. Donations will be given to Emirates Red Crescent Society who are in charge of delivering your generous donations to those who need it.

Schools Visit Exchange

8 February 2017
School exchanges and trips to other schools are brilliant for developing partnerships and introducing school staff to new educational strategies to enhance and develop academic progress. Diyar International Private School staff visited Mubarak Bin Mohammed School In Abu Dhabi. The visit included exchanging new ideas and creative innovations.

Sports Day

31 January 2017
On Sport Day Students of KG1 and KG2 had a fun day trying different activities and competing with other teams. This day was an opportunity for the kids to have fun and be educated about the importance of practicing sport in their life.

National Day Celebration (KG Section)

27 November 2016
In celebration of the United Arab Emirates national Day KG students have participated in a couple of activities and plays showing love and loyalty to this generous country. parents and the principle of Diyar school have attended the event, the show was planned by KG teachers who organized each part and instructed students throughout the play.

Civil Defense Lecture & Training

7 November 2016
Civil defense officers have come to Diyar School this morning for a brief training on using fire extinguishers and the proper way of evacuating students from the school building in a case of fire. The training was divided into two sessions; the first one is a lecture that was attended by school staff from drivers to teachers and admins. The lecture concluded different types of fire accident causes and how to deal with them. Later on, a practical session was conducted in the front yard where some employees got to try using the fire extinguisher while being instructed by the civil defense officer.

Diyar school Student awarded for outsanding participation in the reading year 2016

16th October 2016
One of Fujairah Diyar School's Outstanding students has been awarded and acknowledged for her effortful participation in initiative Of Ministry Of Culture and Knowledge development - Reading Year 2016. Maryam Hassan Al Ghafry is from grade 4 and was honored by His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan heads of the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Social Development.

Nutrition Day Activites (Grade1-9)

16th October 2016
Students from Grade 1 to 9 have celebrated Nutrition Day at Diyar international private school - Fujairah on the 16th of October. Students collaborated and each one of them brought a healthy snack from home and together they mixed all healthy foods they brought and gave some of it to school staff and employees as a gift in celebration of this day. It is important to let students have such activities to encourage them on healthy eating habits and spread awareness about health and food among students.

Nutrition Day Activities (KG1 & KG2)

13th October 2016
On Thursday morning KG sections hosted an event celebrating Nutrition day in which students wore food customs, Brought healthy foods from home and watched dances performed by students from other schools. The event included competitions and prizes for the winners. Celebrating this day is an important part of educating children about the importance of food and what it means to have a healthy diet.

Teachers Day

5 October 2016
Students and teachers in Grade3-Grade8 section have hosted an event celebrating teachers day. Teachers started with a speech introducing this occasion and declaring the importance of appreciating all teachers. After that, students came out to say a thanking word and some of them read poems expressing love and gratitude to their teachers. finally, students gave out gifts to their teachers and thanked them for all their efforts throughout the year and the previous years.

Fire Drill At Diyar School – Fujairah

3 October 2016
This morning at 9:00 Oclock In Fujairah Diyar school, fire alarm have been switched on to practice the emergency procedures to be used in case of fire. Students have been guided by their teachers and all school staff cooperated with the procedure in the best way. The practice took about 10-20 minutes and all students were organized in lines and school staff checked on each other. The fire drill was a success and may all students and employees of Diyar school stay save.

Hijri New Year

29 September 2016
Today students at Diyar school have been educated about Prophet Mohammed - Peace be Upon Him - and his story in "Ghar Hira'a". This activity is done for the coming occasion on Sunday 2nd October 2016, which meets the day of the new Hijri year. This day is important to all Muslims because it is the day in which Islamic history started. Educating students about this day isn't only for knowing what this day is, but also to remind all students of the values that their religion is carrying and how they should learn from what happened on this day and to be proud of their history.

AL Haj activities

7 September 2016
Al-Haj is one of the mandatory obligations that all Muslims should do at least once in their life. Of course, those who are incapable of doing Haj in terms of financial difficulties or physical illness, are excused. Al Haj is as important to Muslims as any other prayer and for that everyone and especially children must know about it and have the knowledge they need to be aware of its importance. Grade 3 and 8 students have had several activities this morning regarding this occasion, They started with a morning broadcast in which they had a competition. After that, they sat down together to see a movie that tells the story of prophet Jesus.

Students celebrating Eid

6 September 2016
Upon the arrival of the holy occasion next week, students from grade 3 to 8 have had some fun and activities celebrating Eid Al Adha. The activities included wearing Eid clothes as well as decorating the hallway, the decoration was done by students who had a workshop where they cut papers and write congratulating words about Eid al Adha. They hang their work for everyone to see with the help of their teachers. They had another workshop where children got introduced to the "Odhiya" in a fun way in which they glued cotton balls to a sheep drawings on papers. Kids were also taught generosity and respect through an activity that included students giving gifts to workers and drivers of Diyar school. This activity is really educational and important since it involves the young generations with their culture and lets them be a part of it.

Kindergarten students On their first day at school

4 September 2016
On the 4th of September, Diyar school welcomed new KG students who came in with their parents ready to start off the journey of becoming heroes. The first day was overwhelming for some, and for others, it was another enjoyable day. The students were classified into classes with their teachers, each class had a different activity hosted by their teachers to teach and entertain the kid. There were some educational videos played in the classes, some teachers played games with the class and others face painted their students to cheer them up and motivate them for school. The break period was fun and exciting, some entertainers were in customs and dancing with the students, alongside a morning treat that included popcorn and cotton candy, who would say no to that!!.

Spelling Bee 2016

Spelling Bees are internationally and globally recognized. The competitive Spelling Bee has 3 rounds, and participants are from grades 1-8.